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Translating means more than the translation of single words as it is vital to know who will read the translation and how the readers will understand it. The translator must consider the different cultural backgrounds of the readers of the original text and those reading the translation. Consequently, the skill of translating deals with expertise, accuracy, creativity, experience and perseverance. In this work we need professionals with appropriate education, and native readers, as well as leading–edge technology.

All these things are our strengths. This is common knowledge among our numerous customers, who include large companies as well as actors in the municipal and state sectors. We operate flexibly and always in collaboration with the customer.

When choosing Translatinki you can be sure that your texts—small and larger projects—are always in good hands. Please contact us and enquire about our reasonable prices.

Does your website scare off your customers?

Fix the language used on your website immediately! Request a quote on translating or proofreading your website. Besides offering foreign language translations, we can also check that the language used in Finnish texts is correct and flows well.