Flexible translation services

Greetings from the Project Manager


Before my time at Translatinki I worked as a researcher of translation studies at the University of Joensuu and wrote a dissertation that dealt with some special features of texts translated into Finnish. In my post–graduate studies and in my research I particularly focused on those syntactic and textual features that are typical of the Finnish language and how translation as a process affects them. Besides translation theory and Finnish, I also specialised in communication and terminology in my studies. Translatinki’s customers may now utilise my expertise.

Along with its new and broad language, text and communication services, Translatinki is much more than just a translation services company. Translatinki has developed into a high–quality communication services company that provides its customers with competitive expert services. Our text and language revision services cover the lexical, structural and stylistic editing of texts. We always take the customer’s wishes and the use of the texts into consideration—not forgetting creativity. As regards readability and comprehensibility, the result is a fluent, strong and functional whole.

For the sake of the corporate image it is important to pay attention to the content and quality of the corporate communication, and at this point it pays to use our expert services. Furthermore, we provide advice and reviewing of texts, which may be necessary when producing a scientific study or publication. We also comment on unpublished manuscripts.


Sari Eskola
Project Manager, head of Finnish language expert services