Flexible translation services

Greetings from the Managing Director


It was the year 2000. There was a strong demand for translation services in the environmental field as well as for other high–quality translations. I had just gained a Master of Arts degree from the University of Helsinki, majoring in the Translation and Interpretation of English, and decided to establish a translation business.

The customer–oriented approach gave good results and the business started successfully. I managed to establish the first customer contacts, most of which are still retained. My expertise in the environmental field, in particular, kept me going right from the start.

Today the operations have different dimensions. We have a diverse network of subcontractors, native readers, proofreaders and experts in a number of fields. By means of this network we are always able to provide high–quality, flexible services, no matter whether it is a short translation or a large project. We are continuously developing our working methods, and our quality system is updated whenever necessary. We create customer-specific glossaries as well as translation memories and in that way ensure the consistency of the terminology. In order to guarantee the high quality of the translations, our translators work into their native language, or the translations are checked by native readers. In addition, texts sent for proofreading are always read by native proofreaders.

The development of technology also places high demands on a translation services company. The software is constantly being developed, translation memories and glossaries in various formats are created for customers, e–invoicing has been adopted, etc. We never compromise on information safety in our operations. Furthermore, we have always aimed at responding to the technical requirements of our customers.

Over the years, Translatinki has profiled into a reliable and flexible cooperation partner and our list of regular customers has grown and today covers numerous companies and public administration organisations. In addition to the traditional translation and terminology services, we have more recently developed diverse language, text and communication services that have helped our customers achieve considerable savings. Besides, outsourcing to an efficient, professional cooperation partner is usually profitable as well. Our efficient operations guarantee high competitiveness, which is indicated by the several tender competitions we have won recently.

Although there have been many changes in the past few years, I have tried to maintain the same customer–oriented approach that was adopted at the beginning. Flexibility will definitely be our trump card in the future.


Päivi Perasto
Managing Director
Translatinki Oy